Dead Space arrives to iOS on January 25

By on January 7, 2011

More Dead Space is coming, this time to your “i” devices.

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Upcoming January 25 is the awaited release date of Dead Space 2. Apparently, Isaac won’t be making it only to the consoles and PC. January 25 will be a whole lot busier release date for the game. EA Mobile has confirmed an iOS version of the survival third-person shooter to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from Apple.

The iOS “Dead Space” has its own story. It will bridge the gap between the first game and the upcoming sequel Dead Space 2. From the screens of the game, it certainly looks pretty good for a mobile version, and granted will be as important as any of the two major Dead Space titles.

Dead Space on the iOS is a full-blown third-person experience. The game reportedly uses touch-anywhere controls feature for movement and a variety of gestures for more specialized actions. Besides, there is a weapon upgrade element similar to the one on the consoles.

Dead Space will release exclusively for Apple’s iOS devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The game is a prequel to year’s anticipated title Dead Space 2, and will release on launch day.


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