Front Mission: Evolved Review

By on January 3, 2011

Evolves into a horribly bad game.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Front Mission (aka Furonto Misshon) is a tactical-RPG which first released in the year 1995. Front Mission Evolved is set in the year 2171,fifty years after Front Mission 5. I should warn you first hand that, unless you are a hardcore mech-head or a fan of the original series, this is not the game you should look forward to, or actually, even otherwise.

Now, the game as I said is set in 2171 where they have “orbital elevators” which allow military bases in space. The gameplay environment isn’t very “advanced” and most of the emphasis is on the technological advancements i.e Wanzers ( the huge mech also known as wanderpanzer).  As the story begins you are thrown into the shoes of Dylan Ramsey who along with the wanzers is out to uncover a truth.

The game supports two modes of gameplay – story mode and online multiplayer mode. The story mode has no story or atleast I didn’t find any and the online versus mode I couldn’t stop playing. The online mode is far more interesting than the story mode because of the variety it offers. There are four options: deathmatch, team deathmatch, supremacy and domination. The story mode on the other hand has a very sober and repetitive gameplay with only five, very small ‘acts’ or levels. Its almost like the game begins and ends immediately. Throughout the game combat is massively wanzer-based and this brings me to the next con.

The wanzers are provided with only two weapons and no method to cover themselves besides hiding behind stuff. On the bright side the health of the wanzers regenerates over time and you possess this awesome jetpack or booster like thing which is real fun to use. You can move around collecting cash for the customization. The customization of the wanzers is also very interesting and realistic. Greater the weight of the add-on greater the difficulty in movement. Also, if the customization (which is allowed before every level) is just right the level can be aced. The selection of add-ons can be expanded and the some levels which have some special requirements should be removed. For example imagine going in to battle with only a single weapon just because the level needs you to hover/slide over water.

Now lets get to the most depressing portion…control. The control requires a lot of practice and the mechs may feel quite unresponsive at times. If its not bad enough that gamers have to move around in a huge mech the controls often leave them completely open and vulnerable to attacks by AI.

The graphics are better than expected, the cut-sequences and the gameplay graphics are impressive. This can be noticed during gameplay using sniper which according to me is the most fun of all weapons.

Another thing is the irritating blue info boxes through the game which constantly pop-up, tackling them by itself needs some use of strategy.

The repetitive gameplay take out the essence of the game and the overall experience of the game dampens over time. The only successful aspect of the game is the multiplayer. All in all the game gives us gamers only a few moments of complete enjoyment but besides that it doesn’t stand a chance in comparison to present day RPG’s.

The Scorecard
Repetitive gameplay makes us want to eject the disc as soon as we put it in.
Nothing spectacular but does the job, though the frames could have been more smoother, especially during cut-scenes.
Aurally the game is just about okay, but in this case, one of the better components of the game.
Not a mech-head? Move along, nothing to see.
The booster, mods and the multiplayer does manage to drown out the horrible single player. Somewhat.
One of the worst games to come out of Sqaure Enix. An all-round blotchy job.


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