Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

By on January 2, 2011

The classic reboot that brings the speed back to our living rooms.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Despite not considering myself to be a racing games fan, I have spent a majority of my gaming lifetime playing games like Need for Speed and GT. The quality of racing games has been high for a long time now. Take Burnout Paradise as an example. I actually randomly picked up that game from a local game shop, only to be hooked to my TV for weeks after that playing a masterpiece of a game. So how do you expect me to react when I saw another Criterion Games racer hitting stores around the world? Run, take a few days off work and play it till I break every single record my friends managed online.

We do not need to dig deep to find out more about NFS. It is a series that started so brightly, capturing the imagination of every racer out there. The series took a hit to the worse thanks to the countless number of rushed sequels coming out every year. Recently though, EA decided enough is enough and started giving more time, budget and effort that this classical series richly deserves. For the past three years, we all have played a NFS or two and thought to ourselves that something great is about to happen here. Well it is finally here, NFS: Hot Purist is ready to reclaim a throne that the series has lost a long time ago.

So what kind of game is NFS: HP? In this game, you do not collect cars and you most certainly do not have to spend time modifying each car you drive. This is a straight forward arcade game that throws you right into the action without asking too many questions. You have 2 sides to choose from, the cops and the racers. The objective is straight forward, either manage to run away from the cops using any means possible or stop as many illegal racers from escaping from under your grasp.

Some might think that this is an overused aspect. Cat and rat chases in HD graphics? Well it is not just that. The way the game puts you inside the action is what makes this title worth the purchase. The sounds around, the environments you navigate and every crash will really make you want to go out there and race yourself. Only thing holding the game down is the repetitiveness of some tracks. The more you play this game, and believe me when I say you will be doing that a lot, the more likely you will know what is going to happen next and anticipate the next move of your opponent.

To counter that repetitiveness, the developers of this game introduce a few multiplayer modes that will make sure you and your friends have plenty of trash talk to pass around. While nothing original, the local multiplayer game offer no split screen and instead requires you to pass the controller around. And that I thought is what made the mode so much fun. Instead of concentrating on your own corner of the screen, you now have to sit and watch as your friends try to perform better using the same car on the same track.

Graphically this game was more impressive than we thought it would be. The environments around you can get pretty stunning at times. To top all of that off, the cars look and move in such a realistic fashion. Actually to add more variety to the game, each set of cars have their own advantages and disadvantages. If looking pretty was not good enough, the game comes with an attractive set of sound effects too. To really put it into words, the sound effects in this game give me the chills. So realistic and efficient that you would want to walk outside and make sure your own car is safe and sound in the garage.

The NFS series even comes off age and brings a social networking option to right to your TV and consoles. Autolog basically makes sure all you and your online NFS pals are on the same page. You will get to know what records they just achieved and what they are doing at all times. You even get to leave your pal a message after beating his own record. This feature could really develop into a game changer in future titles I believe.

There is really nothing to say more about this game. It is an arcade game that is fun, fast and attractive. A perfect mixture that will make sure you are satisfied in your own sofa after a long day at school or work. We hope the series will continue to improve however, now that it made the big step into stardom, some little improvements will insure even better NFS titles in the very near future. Racing games fans, go out and pick this one up. I rate this game so highly however, that even non racing games fans should give this game a ride and see the fun and action for them selves.

The Scorecard
Slightly repetitive, but really fun and enjoyable.
Fantastic job, everything graphics wise is simply amazing in this one.
Sound effects are as realistic as it gets.
Online and offline, this game will have you in your sofa for a while.
Multiplayer and Autolog add even more twists to the title.
Fun, fast and attractive. One of the best NFS titles to come out in years.


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