Rumor: Disney’s Epic Mickey coming to PS3 next year?

By on December 29, 2010

Will even make use of the PlayStation Move peripheral for motion controls.

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If rumors are true looks like Disney Interactive and Warren Spector’s Epic Mickey will be heading to the PS3 real soon, but for now take this with only a grain of salt.

Rumor started when Spanish gaming website called PSNow reported earlier this big news. Although article was pulled down for unknown reasons, its pretty much too late now. Thanks to the Internet, we got fresh details about a PS3 version of Epic Mickey. According to reports, the game wont be the same as the one released earlier this November on the Wii,  Epic Mickey PS3 had its own independent development since 2008, and with a specific engine optimized to the PlayStation 3′s hardware. The game will be running in High Definition 720p native display and sustainable 60 frames per second.

The rumors swirling around indicate the game will make use of the PlayStation Move peripheral for motion controls, the same reason why Epic Mickey went exclusively for the Wii in the first place, report  revealed that Epic Mickey “will be available in physical format Blu-ray and through digital download from PlayStation Store.”

Also rumor suggests that “the game launch will occur after a period of exclusivity for at least six months given to Nintendo. As expected, the legendary mouse will have a Collector’s Edition of the game with a pack containing the film Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 on Blu-ray with bonus content yet to reveal. The official announcement of Epic Mickey for PlayStation 3 will take place at an event to be held on Monday, 3 January in Orlando (Florida) where they show the first trailer for the title and will kick off the first material of this press release.”

If rumors are true it’d be nice though, definitely some HD Mickey would be Epic.


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