Korean student dies after 12 Hours of online gaming

By on December 29, 2010

Fell to his death in an Internet parlor after 12 hours of constant Online shooting.

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Yet another sad news over the holiday period, just less than a week ago a  Korean game addict woman strangled her child to death after a marathon of gaming session.There’s more sad news yet again straight from Korea, where according to The Korea Times a college student died after playing online shooter games  for about 12 straight hours in a “PC bang” or internet parlor according to police.

Southeastern city of Ulsan, on Monday afternoon in a PC bang, the University student, only identified as Moon, fell suddenly to the ground while playing and was rushed to a hospital but he was declared dead upon arrival, police said.

Moon who is a 19 year-old collegian went to the PC bang at around 2:00 am, returned to his house briefly at 10:30 am to eat, and returned to the PC bang.
His family and friends reported to the police how he habitually played the online PC shooter.

Police are investigating in the student’s cause of death, still its not known if we can say that gaming is what killed him, where 12 hours doesn’t seem  like the marathon gaming sessions of 50+ hours that is considered dangerous and been known to cause deaths, either way it still is one sad story.


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    Wow this is really depressing shit gotta reduce my BO hours

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