EA CEO: PS3 to overtake Xbox in the future

By on December 28, 2010

Stating how its not an easy task to beat the PlayStation brand.

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Its been more than 5 years since the release of the Xbox 360 back in 2005, followed later by the PS3 in 2006 and both have been in fierce competition for years, never ending war between the two gaming platforms lead to what we know the “War of the Consoles” of course the goal is to be on top of the gaming market and largest gamers brand in the world.

Sony dominated the previous two generations where it came out on top in terms of sales and achieving success in the gaming community, especially last generation where PS2 alone on top of all competitors with a huge gap between the original Xbox and the Gamecube from Nintendo.
While this generation things are much different, where Sony is in the middle of a cohesive war and trying to keep the pace on what the PS2 is all about, Xbox 360 has succeeded many times to overtake Sony’s console in sales chart, notice that Xbox 360 was released a year earlier than PS3.

John Riccitiello, CEO of Electronic Arts company stands up with Sony claiming that despite Xbox 360′s success in the market this generation , Microsoft doesnt have a chance to stand more to beat the PlayStation brand. Riccitiello refers to the international market mainly, unlike the US, Sony manages to overtake most months Microsoft’s sales, claiming how Xbox360 is a huge failure in Japan, whereas in Europe both consoles receive similar sales figures.

“Microsoft’s brand, the Xbox, does not really compare to the PlayStation brand outside the US. I believe the international market is very important, so no matter how much Microsoft is able to increase sales in the US, it is still on an impossible mission because Sony’s brand is so strong”, said Riccitiello.

Riccitiello is known for criticizing Sony’s marketing strategy by including expensive hardware equipments in the PS3 like a Blu-ray player and how it effects the increase in price of the console, He also notes about the positive steps taken by Microsoft in recent years about the multiplayer enhancements and online service it provides for gamers. Still he reassured how all of that isn’t enough to stop or “bury” the strong PlayStation brand.


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