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By on December 26, 2010

Steam seems to have done what Apple could not.

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I used to be a pretty hard core gamer back in the days but with work and kids, time is a bit scarce now. Also the fact that I use a Mac now contributes to my decline in gaming- Mac users don’t have as much of a choice in gaming as PC users do. So with the limited time that I get for gaming, I tend to check out the “Best of the year” gaming lists that come out at the end of every year and today morning, I saw one such list at CNet called “The top 5 best PC-only games of 2010.”

I knew what some of titles on that list would be- after all, Blizzard came out with a full game and an expansion pack to the most successful PC game ever this year so that was a no brainer. Civilization V was also on that list which didn’t surprise me but the two that did were Dawn of War II and Amnesia. However, what shocked me is that four out of these five games were also available for the Mac.

Traditionally, Mac users are left out in the cold when it comes to gaming save for a title or two. But 2010 has been different. Other than the four games mentioned above, Mac users got to enjoy other gems like Torchlight and a bundle of valve classics like the Half Life series and Left 4 Dead. The arrival of Steam on Mac has done more for the gaming scene on Mac than any effort by Apple.

So for all of us that switched to a Mac but miss gaming from our previous platform- there is hope. Slowly but surely, Mac is making a mark for itself on the computer gaming scene and we no longer have to look at bejewelled to satisfy our gaming needs.


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