The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

By on October 28, 2006

Burn it up!…Not.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

For people who have played the Spyro series from its birth in the Playstation days, they would probably rate it amongst the best platformers at its age and time. It had tough competition from Ratchet and Crash too, but it just found its own place to breathe (fire) and made for some remarkably entertaining game play.

Enter the now last generation, it’s been hard for Spyro to glide, let alone fly. The latest addition to the title seeks to add fresh air into the shimmering glory of the legendary dragon.

In The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, Spyro’s parents reveal to him that he is not their actual child, and infact not a dragon fly, but a DRAGON (surprise, surprise). Simultaneously a Dark Dragon is taking over Spyro’s homeland and in a mixed attempt to save his new found land and discover his identity, the game plays the adventures of Spyro’s journey, quests and battles.

Playing in a typical third person style the game rides along a slower than natural pace, something which seems to be aimed for the younger audience. Yet at the same time, the buttons seem less responsive and the camera controls specially in closed areas totally mess up. Other than that and the flying levels there is not much problem with the control scheme.

The combat system is revamped and includes lots of additions. You collect power ups to use them similar to God of War and upgrade your abilities and moves. This time Spyro can flame throw, wave wings to blast away enemies (even when they are so small) and basically a lot of dashing and fire blowing moves are included. However as you progress you’ll find out that there isn’t much variety that is thrown your way, in terms of moves and combat techniques.

The game looks pretty good for itself and in fact some of the areas are very well detailed and the mini bosses really well made. Specially when you are burning so much the burnt out matter seems to be doing alright and it doesn’t drop any frame rate.

Moving to sound the voice acting is pretty good. You’ve got names like Elijah Wood talking for Spyro so it’s definitely well done. However at the same time, there isn’t any good dialogue other than knowing ways and procedures and an occasionally WOAH!? So that basically doesn’t effect that much, infact you wont even realize unless you’re paying attention – which you wont and the kids don’t. Nevertheless, the music is extremely well done and fitting to the atmosphere.

All said and done the game’s pretty much an average thing, nothing over the top and not a complete flop either. The younger audience might get hooked onto it, but the hardcore platforming champs would probably whine at the lack luster gameplay the Legend of Spyro : A New Beginning brings.

The Scorecard
Great combat but nothing much to hold it against in terms of story or background matter.
Pretty good and detailed in some parts.
Good solid stuff here, but lacks the dialogues.
Not much really.
The game does play well and since it is aimed at kids there is not much you can ask for, they have done a good job at that.
It is a decent fare but nothing to go coo-coo about.


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