Buzz: The Sports Quiz

By on November 11, 2006

Frantic quiz action for all the sports fans.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

When the EyeToy camera was launched for the PS2, people oohed and aahed at it. But that was pretty much the first and last USB peripheral we saw for the PS2. Thankfully, the Buzz! series of games have brought a whole new level of fun gameplay to the PS2, and the latest instalment in the series provides countless hours of entertainment.

Buzz: The Sports Quiz is the third in the Buzz! series of games for the PS2. Buzz is in a nutshell, a game show, where players can compete against each by answering various questions and earning points – the highest score at the end of the game wins. But rather than just sit through endless rapid-fire rounds, the Buzz games each have a series of quirky rounds that makes answering questions a lot more fun. Though this latest instalment focuses only on sports—themed questions, there is still much fun to be had.

Players start off by picking up their buzzer – a handheld device with a large red button and four smaller coloured buttons corresponding to the different answers. Each Buzz game comes with four buzzers, which all connect to one USB port on your PS2. After picking one of several amusing contestants, you and your friends dive straight into the Point Builder round, where you can quickly rack up points by answering questions correctly. Questions come in the form of video cues, fading pictures, and audio prompts, and the game has a huge database of quiz material. You aren’t penalized for any incorrect answers you give, but in later rounds each incorrect answer will cost you some points. Aside from Point Builder, there are other fun rounds such as Spin the Wheel, World Race, Hotseat, and Fastest Finger. My favourite round was the “Race to the Finish”, which puts all the contestants on conveyer belts, running towards a finish line – each correct answer moves you one step closer to the finish line, and each incorrect answer moves you a step back.

If you can’t find any friends to play Buzz with, there is a single-player mode, though it has fewer rounds and is far less enjoyable than playing with friends. Possibly one of the best features in this game is that even though four buzzers are supplied with the game, you can plug in four more into the second USB port on the PS2, and the game will automatically accommodate up to 8 players per game. You can also play the game in Team mode, or if you get tired of the game altogether, you can play in ‘Quiz Master’ mode, where you make up your own questions, and determine correct and incorrect responses with the help of the standard PS2 controller. This mode is a bit trickier to master, but is still loads of fun.

Jason “I-refuse-to-retire” Donovan lends his voice again for this game, and reprises his role as the blonde haired, fast-talking game show host, Buzz. His one-liners and random comments add much needed humour to the game and prevent things from getting boring. The background music tends to be much like any standard game show, full of bells and whistles and the ever popular ‘tension-building music’ plays during particular rounds. This all adds to the general ambience of the game, and give the game an authentic ‘game show’ feel. The graphics are crisp and bright, and some of your character animations are just downright hilarious.

Buzz: The Sports Quiz is another fun instalment for the series – with up to 8 player support, this is a definite must-have for people who are tired of playing Twister at parties. Loads of fun to be had the more people you add on – the extra bonus is that there is none of Jason Donavan’s singing!

The Scorecard
Plenty of fun to be had with many different rounds keeping players interested in the game for hours on end.
Bright and colourful animations look good, even if they are simple polygon shapes.
Buzzs' constant commentary can be funny, but tends to get on your nerves after a while.
A must have party game…with a large set of questions, it is worth getting a second set of buzzers to double the fun!
Another fun addition for the series, and one to get if you think you know everything about sports.
if you are looking for a game that you can play with your friends – even those who arent gamers, then this is it.


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