TDK WR700 Headphones Review

By on December 20, 2010

These are the wireless headphones you’ve been waiting for.

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Usually I’m not a fan of wireless devices since one way or the other they usually end up disappointing me with poor reception and/or broken connections due to interference. Of course, my Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers have never posed any problem, yet I wonder how some manufacturers nail this technology and how some others fail to provide a satisfactory experience.

Now TDK is a brand I have heard since a very young age. Way back when, I used to see TDK cassettes and videotapes lying around the house with different songs and recordings on them. However, TDK is one of those Japanese brands that you may have seen a lot, yet at the same time it remains obscure enough that you don’t see it advertised in the mainstream media either. It came as a pleasant surprise then, that I got a wireless headset from TDK for review for one of their premium headphones that’s going to be introduced in the market soon.

The WR700 headphones come with a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter, an extended 3.5mm jack (suitable for 1st generation iPhones which don’t have a flush audio jack), a 3.5mm to 6mm audio extension jack, a soft pouch to hold everything in and 4x AAA (Imation branded) batteries. Starting up the system is a simple process of plugging in the transmitter into any 3.5mm compatible audio device, starting up the headphones and that’s it. The pairing is done within seconds and you’re good to go.

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