Megamind: Ultimate Showdown Review

By on December 19, 2010

A movie-based game best suited for preteens.

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First Impressions
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Dreamworks’ latest animated feature starring Will Farell gets a franchised release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the form of Megamind: Ultimate Showdown. The problem with movie-based games is that studios generally rush to make a quick buck based on the popularity of the movie. Particularly with animated movies, the target audience is generally preteens, so the focus tends to lean on simplistic gameplay that appeals to kids rather than creating a gaming masterpiece. Megamind: Ultimate Showdown seems to follow a similar trend.

In the game, you play the titular character, an evil mastermind turned hero who now has to fight the bad guys with the help of his minion sidekick. As the story begins, you find out that the Doom Syndicate has broken into your lair and taken possession of your DNA tracker device as well as DNA samples. You’ll need to take on the various henchmen of the Doom Syndicate and take them down in order to obtain pieces of your DNA tracking device in order to ultimately find Blue Tighten, your arch nemesis.

To help you in your quest, you have your helpful minion who gives you advice through the game or can join you in helping defeat baddies as the second player. You start the game in your lair where you can either upgrade your weapons, use the DNA tracker device (when complete) or enter the map area which take you to various locations around town where members of the Doom Syndicate are causing chaos.

Most of the gameplay takes place within various parts of the city. The gameplay is linear – you move from point to point within a particular location either killing enemies or collecting BLINKY, which you can use to level up your weapons. Your controls are limited to jump, shoot or interact. Megamind has nothing new to offer in terms of gameplay and the game itself is not very challenging.

The levels are divided by parts of the city – the streets, sewers, highways, etc. There are three levels for each part of the city and each of the three look exactly the same. Each part of the city has three types of enemies – a skinny bad guy (with a mild attack), a fat bad guy (with a more powerful projectile attack) and finally a boss in the end. None of the enemies pose any real threat that blind button mashing cannot fix. The final bosses are a little more challenging but again, nothing to push your brain cells.

The voice acting in the game is disappointing as well. Not that the voice acting is bad but considering the game is franchised, we were hoping to hear Will Farell in the game.

Megamind: Ultimate Showdown is a perfect example of why most gamers stay away from movie-based games. It’s neither challenging not particularly fun to play. However, the game is meant for a preteen audience that enjoyed watching the movie. However, if you’re over 12 years of age, stay far away from this game.

The Scorecard
Simple controls and gameplay that's not very challenging.
Average graphics with repetitive environments.
Disappointing voice acting.
No reason to play this game twice.
Overly repetitive and not very fun to play.
Buy this game only if you're under 12 and a fan of the movie.


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