Gigabyte 6980 Gaming Mouse Review

By on December 17, 2010

For its price, Gigabyte’s latest rodent is exceptional value for money.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

The 6980’s configuration software is called GHOST Macro Engine, a software bundled with the mouse and not (yet) available to the 6900. Do take note: the software is only available through the included CD as it’s still not available on the official website. So, don’t chuck away the disc just yet.

The GHOST Macro Engine is a simple and intuitive software that offers customizations found in most such configurations that accommodates gaming mice. The software is divided into three tabs. On the first tab you can change the functionality of each of the 7 buttons (right, left, two sidekicks, and the scroll wheel and tilts). On the top right corner of the screen, you can set different colors for each profile and assign completely different set of button settings for each profile.

The second tab represents the ‘macro’ of the GHOST Macro Engine. Here you can create up to 18 macro scripts that also supports drag and drop.

The final tab allows control over the three DPI sensitivity stages that can be individually set by clicking on the desired image. I wish we could add extra sensitivity stages for additional control over our rifle and sniping needs, but I guess that’s for the next update. You can also tinker around with the scroll speed and polling rate.

Our test games were EA’s impressive Medal of Honor reboot and Activision’s yearly churn-out Call of Duty: Black Ops, two perfect games to give the 6980 a bit of a slog.

The Gigabyte 6980 held up fairly well, giving me smooth control and precise movements over my shots. The mouse stayed comfortable throughout extended sessions with good grip maintained over my slippery fingers. The only bit of complaint that I have is that the right side of the mouse, where your third and little finger lies, is coated with glossy plastic which becomes a slight distraction when the sweat starts trickling it. Thankfully, the large rubber coated thumb rest compensates enough to not be a nuisance.

With a few, minor nibbles aside, the Gigabyte 6980 is an exceptional mouse for its AED 150 cost. It is a visually striking device, and with performance that matches the best for a lot less of your wallet. On a low budget or not, the Gigabyte 6980 comes off as highly recommended. More so for my sweaty brethren!

Like: Sweat-proof exterior material, large comfortable form, excellent styling, generous thumb rest, great configuration software, superb performance, price

Hate: Fourth button hard to reach, no rubber support on the right side

Rating: 9/10 [MEGamers Recommended Product]

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