Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Review

By on December 13, 2010

History has never been so much fun.

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Lets get one thing out of the way. Assassins Creed II did everything right the first game did wrong. The latter was a good game but got extremely repetitive and had a convoluted storyline. I never bothered to finish the first one but the sequel got me hooked. The series got exactly the push it required. Now a year later, we are treated with yet another title that is not a full fledged sequel, but a good entry nonetheless. Brotherhood even introduces the multiplayer component to the world of Assassins Creed.

The game still retains its open world setting, but this time its focus is just on Rome. The story picks up from where the sequel finished; with Ezio returning home with the Apple of Eden. Once he charms his was back into the Auditore Villa, and after a few mundane, yet important tasks, the story picks up the pace. The Borgia attack the villa for revenge and Ezio barely manages to escape to Rome. Once back to full strength, Ezio embarks on a journey to get the Apple back and get rid of the Borgia, once and for all.

Ezio is as acrobatic as ever. Climbing buildings and running and jumping from rooftops remain the staple of the series. Its all very fluid and the controller schemes haven’t changed. Even though Ezio is stripped to the bare essentials (in terms of weaponry and armor) at the start of the game, restoring black-smiths around town, even the odds far too quickly.

Rome is taken over by the Borgia, and Ezio has sworn to their riddance. That requires Ezio to kill a Captain for a specific town area and then burn down the Borgia tower. This enables Ezio to buy Banks, Black-smiths, and art-shops and upgrade Rome just like he did to the Auditore Villa in Assasins Creed II. As with the title of the game, Ezio can now hire citizens of the city and train them to be assassins. Ezio is able to send them on missions thought out Rome and Europe, earning cash and upgrades. They help Ezio on difficult missions and must be used wisely.

The action is mostly focused on Ezio and his gang, but there are a few Desmond sessions throughout the game. With the bleeding effect, Desmond can do what his ancestors did. This include wall climbing, platform jumping as well as a combination of those to solve puzzles. Thought it doesn’t progress Desmond’s story any further, it is a good change of pace and the crew provides some comic relief.

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The Scorecard
Same refined formula as the older entries, which is not a bad thing.
Rome is a beautiful city to explore by night and day. The city feels alive. A few hiccups with pop in and screen tearing, but you can ignore it.
Jesper Kyd has set the perfect mood. Good overall voice acting.
A long and satisfying single player and a robust multiplayer. More to story by exploring hidden items all over the city.
You play in two timelines, assassinate people, and jump of tall buildings. If this isn’t fun, what is!
Fan or not. Buy the game. You won’t be disappointed.
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  • @HiteshJG

    I couldn't agree more. This game is consistently gripping and does what games are meant to do, entertain throughout.

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