Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Review

By on December 6, 2010

Relive the anime in a brilliant fast paced fighter.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

The Naruto Ultimate Ninja series developed by CyberConnect2 has some of the most enjoyable fighting game experiences I have come across. The series doesn’t have the complexity and depth of Street Fighter or Tekken, but rather focuses on giving the player a fun action-filled experience. The release of Naruto :Ultimate Ninja Storm last year was a great addition as it introduced full 3D environments, enhanced gameplay elements, and provided an enjoyable story mode. Ninja storm 2 aims to top what the original accomplished and it sure does bring a lot to the table.

The main mode of Ninja Storm 2 that lets you explore the story and the world of Naruto is the ultimate adventure mode. Ultimate adventure follows the events that happened in the storyline of the Anime. While the first Ninja Storm focused on the original Naruto Anime, Ninja Storm 2 jumps to the start of Shippuden. For those of you who don’t know, Shippuden is the second part of the Naruto plot line which is set 2 years after the original Anime ends. The story focuses on Naruto and the rest of friends going after a mysterious organization called the Akatsuki .

In ultimate adventure you go through a series of events and quest that progress the storyline. These can vary from simple quests of helping someone in Konoha Village to massive important boss fights. In previous entries in the Ultimate Ninja series I found myself grinding through the main story mode just to unlock the characters I wanted to play with. However, with Ninja Storm 2 I actually completely enjoyed the ultimate adventure mode. CyberConnect2 does a great job on constantly throwing in story related battles and keeping the action constantly flowing. The great thing about Ultimate adventure mode is that it doesn’t bore the player with having to do a lot of quests unrelated to the story. Instead it takes in the important fights that happened in Shippuden and puts the player in the heat of the action. Although side-quests and exploration are available, they are not a necessity to do and are left for players who really want to completely get everything out of the game.

Unlike the first Ninja Storm, ultimate adventure doesn’t have an open world environment. Rather it uses an RPG-like area to area navigation system. Fans of the previous adventure mode might be disappointed , but the new system does look and work fantastically. I personally prefer the new system as it does away with having to move all across Konoha village to reach a certain place. In addition the game expands areas available to explore from the previous title as you get access to areas outside Konoha village such as the Sand village.

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The Scorecard
The game enhances an already fun and action based system providing a rich fighting experience.
The combination of great cell-shaded models along hand drawn backgrounds create one of the most beautiful visuals on current-gen consoles.
Brings the soundtrack from the Anime series which is quite an enjoyable listen.
Once you are done with the 8ish hour storyline, you have can further explore the game or play the multiplayer portions. I still think however, that more content can be put to strengthen the experience.
Reliving your favorite Anime moments has never been done this brilliantly before.
The best Anime based Fighting game yet.


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