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By on December 6, 2010

What’s new and what’s changed.

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6 years running and tonight (well, tomorrow morning technically) we’ll all be able to revel in the broken kingdom of Azeroth. With the 3rd expansion incoming for World of Warcraft, Cataclysm is set to change everything you have come to know, love and hate about the game over the past couple of years.

Not everything is changing though; you still make a toon, but now you can level it up to 85 in Cataclysm. You’ll still need to do a LOT of quests to reach your goal of 85, going through many dungeons and battlegrounds in the process. Once at 85, the end-game content should amaze you with all the options you have at your disposal to have the perfect gear and show everybody how great you are. Getting into raids will be less painful this time around, while playing your class will be more challenging than ever. Enough about end-game content for now, let’s look at what’s in store for everybody at level 1.

Azeroth Changed Forever

Deathwing the Destroyer, one of the original five Aspects of the old world, back then known as Neltharion the Earth Warder, turned towards the dark side on his friends and the rest of Azeroth as he sought to make himself the new God of the world. He is as evil as they come. Illidian was a misguided fool, Arthas an overconfident boy, but Deathwing is old and exemplifies madness and evil in essence.

Long ago he was defeated by the other dragons and banished, but now he’s come back for revenge and to wreak havoc upon all of Azeroth. His destructive powers are already evident as the whole of Azeroth was shattered (in patch 4.0.3a) with all sorts of things amiss in every region on Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. No place you once knew will look exactly the same any more. There have been tremendous changes in tweaking and upgrading the game engine to make it look really impressive on today’s modern machines, while each zone has had enough changes made to it that you would want to re-explore every area like you did the first time you played WoW. Also, flying mounts now available in the old world, not just Outland and Northrend!

New Races

Two classes have been added this time around, Alliance gets the Worgen and Horde gets the Goblins (at last!). Goblins cannot be Druids or Paladins and Worgen can’t be created as Shamans and Paladins.

Goblins will start off in the new city of Kezan, once a prison camp for them, now the city representing their freedom and the greatest hub for their trade. There had been a time when goblins traded with both Alliance and Horde, making incredible profit from both sides, but recent rivalries with certain Alliance faction has made them go back to the Horde side.

The Worgen begin their journey in the Gilneas where civil war has escalated matters to the extent that the once walled off nation. As the Night Elves find out that it was their mistakes that led to the cursed state of the citizens of Gilneas, these new people find a place for themselves in the Alliance and forge their way ahead.

New Classes

Of course, Worgens and Goblins aren’t the only ones getting the love from Blizzard. As the old world of Azeroth is remade, so too are the ways in which some of the races have developed an understanding of others, resulting in new classes for everybody.  The table below shows what all class combinations are now available.

New Profession: Archaeology

Not many people are so hot on professions, with the ease with which professions can be changed whenever your heart changes. Or whatever gets you the most money in the Auction House.

As the old world of Azeroth shattered with the coming of Deathwing, so too did the prospect of digging up lost treasures present itself, here’s your silver lining!

With Archaeology you’ll be able to get Epic items that will bind on account (so all of your new characters will get it). And then there are the mounts and pets; Fossilized Raptor looking particularly enticing.

The best part about Archaeology, in terms of leveling it up, is that dig sites are limited to 4 per continent and will only be available in zones of your level or lower. Each dig site is race specific and also player specific, so no more worrying about dig site respawns.

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