Apple patents glass-less 3D projection technology

By on December 5, 2010

We can see a lot of use for that.

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What if you could swipe out your mobile phone, take a picture in 3D and then project it on a surface in 3D, to multiple persons, without actually needing those dorky glasses? Well, Apple might just make that possible.

The United States of America has granted Apple patent over a similar technology, allowing the device to project 3D images without needing special glasses to view them.

The projection will be done on a reflective, textured surface, which then creates separate images for the viewer’s left and right, producing in-turn a 3D effect. The device would be able to sense the locations of both the eyes, and even multiple sets of eyes, so the 3D effect remains from a variety of angles.

Toshiba and Sharp both have made advances on glass-less 3DTVs that uses powerful processors that takes a 2D image and create nine different images of it and places them on nine different directions, in real time, and display on the LED TV.

According to Apple, however, those technologies leave a lot to be desired. ”A need still remains for highly effective, practical, efficient, uncomplicated, and inexpensive autostereoscopic 3D displays that allow the observer complete and unencumbered freedom of movement,” the patent reads.

It would be interesting to know if Apple intends to introduce a full blown projector series or implement the technology into its range of iDevices. And if so, does it mean the iPhone/iPad will support 3D games as well?

Source: Cnet, US Patent


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