Sega announces Binary Domain

By on December 2, 2010

View the first trailer and screens from Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi’s new title.

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Sega has officially unveiled Binary Domain, a new title from famed Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi.

Set in Tokyo, in the year 2080, Binary Domain is a squad-based shooter that revolves around an intense conflict between humans and robots.

“What I wanted to create this time was a dramatic and energetic sci-fi shooter. When you hear sci-fi you may think of cold, clinical environments but with Binary Domain I wanted to combine this with a deep human drama,” Nagoshi commented on the game.

“The keyword we have in mind for this project is “Life”. I wanted to make something that will be accepted by both the Japanese and Western markets and this fundamental theme is something everyone knows, but which the full extent of can be difficult to grasp.”

In keeping with the central theme of life, the development team is focusing heavily on the game’s AI system in order to “make the battlefield a more compelling experience than ever before”.

The game is being developed with the global audience in mind, and will be out on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Sega hasn’t mentioned a release date.

Screens and reveal trailer below.

Source: Sega.


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