Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review

By on November 30, 2010

Unleash the Force only if you are a fan.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II is the second game in this series and continues the story of Galen Marek, or better known as Starkiller, somewhat. The story picks up shortly after the end of the first game, it is assumed that the light side ending is where the story of this game picks up upon. If you haven’t beaten the first game, then fret not this will be a spoiler free review.

As the games’ synopsis goes (and thru many interviews with the cast and crew you can find around the web), Vader has been busy cloning Starkiller to come up with the right one to continue the Sith Lords’ will, but things don’t exactly go according to plan.

From the onset you can tell that the games graphics engine has been severely improved from Force Unleashed, theres saber reflections on the ground, heavy rain effects, more subtle lighting in the environment, depth of vision, distance of objects and structures. Truth be told on the very first level, it felt like playing on a modified Unreal 3 Engine, because it looks quite a lot like Gears of War.

The quality of the pre-rendered cutscenes is a sight to see, they are the creme de la crème of the game and quite possibly the best thing to look forward to. The absolutely ridiculous amount of detail into everything, from dried raindrops on Darth Vaders helmet, the reflections off his plastic looking suit, the flow of the robes, the hair on Starkiller and even the growing in stubble on his face, all captured to perfection. Had this not been a game, I would have paid money to watch this in the theatre. They do however suffer from a severe tearing issue on the PC, v-sync needs to be manually enabled on your graphics card, however we couldn’t fix the issue even by doing that.

There is something worth mentioning, while the pre-rendered cutscenes are great, you will also notice that the level of detail on the in-game cutscenes is slightly higher and preferable, to the general in-game graphics. Since this is a review of the PC version of the game I will go out on a limb to say that the level of detail experienced in the in-game cutscenes, could have been extended to the actual game itself to look even better. There are very limited options as to what you can and cant do with the graphical settings, such as enabling bloom, enabling motion blur, there is no v-sync option in the game, it has to be enabled manually through Catalyst Control Center if you’re on ATi/AMD and Nvidia Control Panel if you’re Nvidia naturally.

Another tip to keep in handy, if you have a controller of any kind, whether it’s a steering wheel or flight stick even, disable or disconnect or remove it from your hardware devices, the game will default to it and you will be unable to play it with the keyboard and mouse. Its recommended that you set up your game before plugging in your controller for use, and we would recommend the Xbox Controller for PC as that would probably give you the best layout for the buttons, however that’s just a recommendation, any controller that you could configure will do the job just fine. This gamer chose to play this old school, with the good ol mouse and keyboard, and boy was I glad that my mouse has at least 4 configurable buttons of the 7. (Logitech MX Revolution in case anyone is wondering.)

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The Scorecard
Its fun at first, but extremely repetitive as the game progresses. New force rage is an interesting addition, helps at harder difficulties.
Great visuals, could be better implemented for the PC.
No qualms about this, just as epic as the first, and great to listen to. Worth experiencing on a surround sound or 5.1 system at least.
Its not something you want to invest time in again just to see both endings, perhaps a better darkside/lightside mechanic is needed.
Repetition is its ultimate downfall; challenge mode helps. Those lookin for trophies/achievements will find something to do,
It’s worth experiencing once, but the repetition will remind you not to try that again.
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