The Outfit

By on March 21, 2006

There are many other better WW2 shooters for you to choose than this one.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

The Outfit is an arcade WWII action/strategy game from THQ. Sad to say, this game does poorly in all aspects of a shooter and a strategy game and should not be played unless your very life depends on it (Then too, give it a second thought.).

The game has a broken, no-brainer storyline, where you are in charge of 3 ‘heroes’ and follow their ‘heroic’ pursuits in driving out the evil Nazis. Taking inspiration from the storyline, the gameplay too, has no depth, and you have nothing else to do than kill all Nazis.

However, the game does have a few good aspects, like the Destruction on Demand option. Whenever you kill someone, or destroy a tank or a building, you earn Field Units (FU’s). Once you have enough, you can call for reinforcements, or ask for an Anti-Tank gun and it will parachute down in a crate, for you to wipe out enemy tanks. Once you capture enemy Armories or Motor Pools (by standing next to them) you can get access to better weapons and better vehicles respectively. This is especially fun in the Multiplayer mode, but this definitely does not redeem the game of its various shortcomings.

It’s sad to see a game which cannot get its basics right, even after millions of action/shooter games have been churned out. Honestly, there is no excuse if a shooter’s controls are clumsy. The targeting reticule takes too much time to respond and moves slowly. Even if The Outfit is an arcade shooter, a touch of reality would be better for the game. It’s stupid when a Nazi dies after taking shots continuously on his head for 2 seconds with a submachine gun. It’s even more stupid to see that a Nazi gets up after you shoot directly at him from a tank, but dies from two shots with a rifle.

Also, every mission’s objective is the same- Kill all Nazis you can find. You don’t have any other thing to do, except blow up anything that is used by Nazis. You can use tanks and halftracks, and in one case trains, to do so but these don’t provide any fun at all, due to their clunky controls. Also, the enemy A.I is unpredictable- not in the fun way, but in the frustrating way. Some Nazi soldiers stand right in front of you, readied with their weapons but not shooting, while some duck under barriers and shoot realistically. The smart A.I makes the dumb A.I stand out more, so that ruins the gameplay experience too.

There are 3 heroes, and you can play as any one of them. They are Deuce Williams, who is a one man tank-crusher. He’s got a bazooka, a heavy bazooka, and an anti-tank rifle. Then there is Thomas Macintyre who is an anti-infantry guy. He’s got a ‘Grease gun’ (tommy gun), a sub-machine gun and a light machine gun, and John Davis, who is a sniper, so he’s got a light rifle, a sniper rifle, and a, well, rifle. Obviously, it would fell absurd to kill enemy infantry all the time with a bazooka, but the game has an unlimited supply of ammo, so you can blast people off at your own leisure.

The multiplayer aspect of the game, however is quite fun. Using destruction on demand is a great way to off other players, and they will definitely not be as dumb as the A.I. So the multiplayer is the one aspect where The Outfit shines.

The game’s graphics are below average. The environment looks low-res, and so does the enemy A.I. Only the vehicles, and the game’s main characters look O.K. Explosions look good, but can’t be compared to the explosions in the Call of Duty series. The i-game physics look bad. I mean, blasting a Nazi soldier from almost point-blank range, with your tank SHOULD send him lying, or blast him into pieces (how cruel of me!). But he just drops down dead, the same way if you shot him. Ironically, this game uses the same engine (Havok engine) as in Saints Row. However, Saints Row looks so much better than this.

In the audio aspect, The Outfit, is better than the graphics department, but that still doesn’t count for much. There are a few parts, where the surround sound really kicks in, and it does feel like a real WWII shooter, but elsewhere, the sound is just average. There is a lot of rock music in the background, but that unfortunately, does not give the right feel for the game. The guns sound quite nice, but all in all they’re nothing spectacular.

All in all, The Outfit is not recommended, as there are tons of better shooters in the market nowadays.

The Scorecard
Shoddy vehicle controls, dumb A.I, guns dont feel powerful.
Low-res environments, bad in-game physics.
Rock music does not fit the theme of a WWII shooter, but elsewhere, sound effects are pretty good.
The multiplayer may make you play this for some time, but otherwise, this isnt a game that you would want to play more than once.
Nothing really spectacular about this game.


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