Tim Schafer believes creativity is in the downloadable games

By on November 28, 2010

Double Fine’s head believes downloadable games allows for experimental but risky projects.

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Monkey Island and Psychonauts designer Tim Schafer believes that as of recent, the most creative games have been from Xbox Live Arcade and PS Network.

Speaking with PSM3, Schafer believes that the smaller scale of the downloadable games allows developers to try out experimental yet risky projects that otherwise would not have been possible on a fatter budget.

“It’s a place where you can try new ideas, because you’re working with smaller budgets and you can be a little… not experimental, but risky,” he said.

Schafer also spoke about the sequel to Psychonauts saying he would love to bring it out as a downloadable game if a publisher is interested in financing the project.

“I’m ready to do it. I’d love to do it. It’s really a question of getting a publisher who’s interested in doing it,” he said. “Over the years it’s gotten into the hands of a lot of people, through being two dollars on Steam for a while, and being pirated, so it’s gotten out there.

“So if all those people were going to buy the sequel it would be a big hit.”



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