Double Fine’s new title gets a stack of screens

By on November 25, 2010

Get a glimpse of Stacking.

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Double Fine has released the first batch of screenshots (see below) for its newly announced title, Stacking.

Stacking is an adventure puzzle game that follows the story of Charlie Blackmore, a young chimney sweep, who attempts to reunite his family “after they’ve been forced into indentured servitude by an evil industrialist”.

The interesting this is Charlie, like every other character in the game, happens to be a Russian Matryoshka, or Nesting Doll. The game’s central mechanic, hence, is allowing the player to stack inside of any doll that is one size larger (as long as they are not facing you). Once inside, you can command the larger doll and use its special ability in order to solve puzzles.

The game is the brainchild of Brutal Legend’s art director, Lee Petty, and will release in spring 2011 for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Source: Double Fine


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