Black Box developing next Need for Speed title for November 2011

By on November 3, 2010

EA looking at annual releases for the series.

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Patrick Soderlund, EA Europe vice president, has revealed to Eurogamer that developer EA Black Box is at work at a new Need for Speed title that is to release in November 2011.

Soderlund explained that it’s all a part of EA’s plan to produce Need for Speed titles on an annual basis, by allowing more than one developer to work on the series.

“Now we have multiple studios building Need for Speed products. That will mean you’ll get a slightly different touch on NFS on an annual basis, but hopefully a much higher-quality experience,” he said.

“We want to reach a mass-market audience, and Hot Pursuit is a more mass-market appealing product than Shift. We want to come back with an action adventure type of product on an annual basis, but from a developer that’s been working on it for a couple of years.

“Maybe there are two or three developers going at it every second year. Then, when the market permits and when we feel ready, we’ll put our side genre, the Shift brand, the more authentic motorsports segment – we’ll come up with Shift versions as well.”

Asked whether it can be safely assumed that Black Box is working on a title for November 2011, Soderlund replied: “Yes. I would say so, yes.”

Of course, Black Box could be developing the sequel to last year’s Need for Speed: Shift. It’s last contribution to the series was PC-exclusive Need for Speed: World, which launched earlier this year.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, developed by Criterion Games, is due to release on November 19.


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