Top 5 most anticipated games of Nov. 2010

By on November 2, 2010

This month’s must buy titles.

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Epic Mickey (Wii) – Out 25th November, 2010

Warren Spector, whom some of you may know as the creative force behind some of the Ultima games as well as Deus Ex series makes a return after 6 years with Epic Mickey. The game itself represents a twisted world created by accident, which Mickey himself has to go into and fix. The majority of the game is quite open-ended in nature as you platform your way through various locations and characters from the good old days of Disney. Epic Mickey also involves some RPG elements that help keep the gameplay lively, but the biggest advantage on the Wii (and perhaps the reason why it got canceled on other platforms) is the Paint and Thinner brush feature whereby one can create and erase objects and enemies in the game as and when required.

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  • anon

    Seriously, no assassins creed or donkey Kong?

  • th

    Epic Mickey is something unique, in that it's something never seen before. Ok maybe Okami's gameplay (using brush as a core gameplay mechanic) was similar, but this is a dark and twisted Disney world. AC3, outside of the multiplayer aspect is nothing that much of a jump than AC2.

    That's why AC3 was 6th.

  • McD419

    come on dude AC is epic the gameplay and story and in my opinion is kinda better than Golden eye

  • Ahmed Sleem

    N4F IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guys download the demo and you will now what im taking about.

    I’m going to buy N4S and COD for sure :D

  • Hamboza

    Only 2 true entries are Black Ops and NFS Hot Persuit. How about GT5??? or was it not put because of release date skepticism???

    • Sahil

      Yeah, GT5's final release date was only announced on Nov 11th.

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