Fallout: New Vegas Review

By on November 1, 2010

What happens in Fallout, stays in Fallout.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Now that we are on the same ground when it comes to the quality and variety in this game, it is time to mention a few issues that keep this game away from the desired perfection status. The glitches have been mentioned earlier in the review, so they do not go under this category of issues. The first issue that really let us down is the loading times. The game is so open-ended that you want to open every door and enter every building to see what it has for you. The only problem here is behind every door there is a loading screen. That will really limit your exploring ambitions in this one. Another issue with this game is the voice syncing.

The characters at times look like they are saying something completely different from the text you see. This might not be a huge issue that will certainly not limit how much you enjoy this game, but a little more attention to these things would have made this game better. The final problem we had with Fallout: NW is the ending. Right after you finish the game you will not be allowed to continue with your quests and missions. That is a big disappointment considering Fallout 3 had the same issue early on. Fallout 3 even got a patch later on to fix this problem and allowed gamers to play on. Hopefully New Vegas will get a similar patch in the very near future.

Graphically this game follows Fallout 3 too. Those very same graphics that impressed only a couple years ago are not that good enough this time around. Everything surrounding you is still highly detailed but the graphics will let you down when coming across a town or a site for example. I came across an interview with one of the developers of this game and he mentioned how the graphics power had to be limited to allow such a big world to run smoothly. First of all, the world is not running as smoothly as you would want, and secondly games like Just Cause 2 thrived in great graphics and a massive world to explore. No excuses here.

Very good but not perfect just about sums this one up. Fallout New Vegas will be played for at least a couple of years again and again. New harder modes that require you taking care of your character more (Feeding him/her and regular supply of water) means the game can be played twice or 3 times and feel completely different each time. Having 3 possible endings will surely help this game stay in your console for a while too. We would recommend Fallout New Vegas to every gamer out there for the story alone and how you create the twists with your very own hands. Gamers that are looking for a quick causal experience however should surely look elsewhere; this one requires time and concentration.

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The Scorecard
No changes from Fallout 3, which if we remember correctly was fantastic
Probably one of the lowest points in this one, considering the overall performance and the glitches found.
Music and the voice acting are good, just the voice syncing fails to impress.
Many side missions to complete, over 80 hours of gameplay
Vegas feels and looks exciting in this one, get ready to lose some caps gambling!
If you have the time and the money, this one is a must pick up regardless of all the issues holding it down.


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  • Mitch

    This game is AWESOME!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Saad.Lambe Saad Lambé

    Thank God you said the game was glitchy!
    I thought you'd give everything a 9!

  • kik_freek

    Nooooo…. Why?? And I thought UAE was progressing!!

  • none

    The NMC truly ARE jerks!

    • DeathNeff

      the NMC are ALways PAIN IN THE ASS. I agree with you friend

  • DeathNeff

    i hope NMC is Dismantled

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