Medal of Honor Review

By on November 1, 2010

The series is back. Is it any better though?

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Games like Medal of Honor make me feel so old. Mainly because I still remember that day me and a friend bought the very first Medal of Honor on the PS1 and went back home. I still remember it was on a holiday and we were supposed to leave the house soon. Those very first moments with Medal of Honor though proved to be too much for our little heads back then. The game in our eyes was perfect; everything was going on around our character, a whole war for God’s sake! We loved the game, beat it, waited eagerly for the next game in the series, bought, loved and beat that too. What happened with the series after that though is history. The game simply never recaptured that magic and was left behind every year by the competition.

EA spent the past year talking up this release though. A Call of Duty beater they called it and a modern time war scene is what it was supposed to deliver. After sometime with the game, we want to agree and disagree with some of the points made. Medal of Honor is a game based in the modern day war against terror. You are a team of US military in a mission that went very wrong for a couple of days, and you get to live out those moments from many different views. The game is based around the idea that you will be living these messed up days in the shoes of a number of different team members. The point we disagree with however, is that this is certainly not a CoD killer.

The story itself is more fun than dull, by that I mean I was left excited sometimes and a bit disappointed at others. The exciting moments came when I was faced by a breathtaking story twists that I honestly did not expect. The game will take you through some very nice twists that you will have to usually get your ass out of. That proved to be fun and exciting. But the one thing I did not like about the story here is how inconsistent it is. It seemed like for a while, no matter what happens, the heroes on the American military will always manage to save you. A little realism in that department would have been nice.

The other lame feature most first person shooting games have these days, is the near death experience. I recall when Call of Duty first mastered those scenes a few years ago; it was actually surprisingly interesting and intense. Watching as your character almost dies before being saved by a miracle is rather appealing for many of us. But imagine having to see such scenes multiple times in one game. In Medal of Honor you will be faced with such situations again and again and you will really start wishing your character will drop dead this time instead of coming back to life thanks to another American miracle.

Now that the story is out of the way, it is time to see if this game is actually fun. The game it self is actually split into 2 separate games, the single player game and the multiplayer game, with each being developed by a separate team of developers.

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The Scorecard
Fun at times, boring and dull at others
Fine as long as night does not fall. Sadly that happens often.
Easily one of the best things about this game.
2 separate modes for you to mess around with, value will depend on how highly you value online multiplayer in such games.
The story twists are much appreciated a bit too much drama at times though.
A solid game that is not sure what it wants to be. Genre fans might enjoy what it has to offer though.


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