F1 2010 Review

By on October 31, 2010

Codemasters revs up a racing sub-genre.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

The latest offering from highly-acclaimed developers Codemasters, famous for their ‘Dirt’ franchise, is definitely THE F1 game that will keep fans glued to their screen for some heavy fun. Non-Fans, casual gamers? Not so much.

Being indifferent to the sport itself, I was in no hurry to try this game out. As it turns out, it exceeded my expectations. Well, most of them anyway.

The game is a racer bearing on extreme simulation like Gran Turismo. Every setting in the game can be changed to accommodate your style like braking, cornering, transmission assists, aerodynamics, etc. A point to be noted is that there are no tutorials whatsoever, which may help you settle in with the games various modes. You are literally thrown into the game with only the slightest clue as to which tyres to change to accommodate the weather or the basic rules. As I said, the casual gamers and non-fans will take a while to settle in.

The player models are done well with the exception of the models for agents, engineers, etc which look a bit unpolished leaving room for improvement. Going at high speeds causes blurring of the screen as is the standard with racing games now. All the Stadiums are perfectly reconstructed without ignoring minor details like national country flags, etc.

Gameplay has been given prime importance in this game. Every action has a consequence, drive off-road and you’ll lose grip, lose your spoiler and the car starts wobbling. One of the most striking part of the race is when two racers ahead of you collide and you see their car parts fly around. It probably will make you go into ‘Instant Replay’ a couple of times, just to watch the spectacle unfold in slow motion. Needless to say a lot of effort has been put into making this game as realistic as possible.

The weather in this game is definitely ‘advanced’ as advertised. Starting a race in an overcast morning in Bahrain gradually passing time to reach the afternoon only to be blinded by the ‘Gulf Sun’ is just an example of the dynamic weather. Rain is also possible, but the question remains whether it is just for show or if it actually affects the gameplay. As I found out, it does. As an example, you start a race in normal weather and it gradually becomes dry and warm, you start losing control as the car is feeling ‘heavier’ than before due to the roads becoming dry in response to the ever increasing heat forcing you to make a pit-stop to change your tyres. Also in other tracks where rain is a possibility, your car starts skidding and you have to drive carefully or you’ll keep ramming into the barriers at every turn. You may be thinking that this much detail is unnecessary but it is vital in demonstrating the effort put into this game.

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The Scorecard
Flawless and immersive experience
Beautiful cars and tracks. What more could you want?
As mentioned, lots of room for improvement.
You won’t regret buying this.
Definitely fun to play. -1 For no splitscreen.
THE F1 Game. A Must Buy for racing sims and F1 fans.


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  • anon

    Did u actually play the game? Minimum number of seasons is 3 n0t 2

  • Saad

    I Did.
    You Sure?

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