Limbo devs at work on new IP

By on October 14, 2010

“If you liked Limbo, it’ll definitely be for you.”

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Fresh from the success of the downloadable puzzle-platformer Limbo, developer Playdead has apparently begun work on a new IP (Intellectual Property).

Speaking with Joystiq, CEO Dino Patti said that, while he can’t reveal much about the new project, he reckons it will definitely interest those who enjoyed Limbo.

“I can’t tell much, but I can tell you that if you liked Limbo, it’ll definitely be for you,” he said. “The gameplay style you’ll really like. You’ll feel it’s the same team who made it, but everything will be changed.”

He added that the new IP is still a long way from completion and that it is yet to be decided whether it will be a multi-platform title.

“We are open for everything. To be honest, we want as many people to play our games as possible. If we end up going exclusive, we may do it for various reasons, but we just want as many people to play the game as possible.”

You can read MEGamers’ review of Limbo here.


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