Burnout Revenge

By on March 10, 2006

The Burnout series comes crashing into next-gen consoles with Burnout Revenge. Will this game take revenge on other race titles like NFS Carbon, released earlier, or will it just burnout against the competition?


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First Impressions
My reaction is

Obviously, the game’s main thrill comes from the extreme sense of speed it gives you, and it executes this almost perfectly. However, the game is so fast, that even a slight frame drop will put you off, as this isn’t a game where you can tolerate framerate issues. And unfortunately, the framerate does dip in a few places. The game’s graphics, though, look brilliant otherwise. The car models look excellent, and they scratch up pretty bad. Once you have finished a race, you’re car would most likely look like one of the cars which have taken a beating from Cyclone Gonu! The lighting and reflections look awesome too, and so does the environment. But the main showcase of Burnout Revenge’s graphical prowess is the time when you crash, or you make your opponent crash (called takedowns). If you crash, you can see your beautiful car become a smashed, compact piece of junk. If you takedown your opponent, you can see it spinning and cart wheeling out of sight, all the while leaving a trail of little metal pieces of it’s former self. Crashes look very spectacular too. It’s really awesome to see your car just destroy tankers, trucks and cars, and those tankers and trucks destroy other vehicles, and so on. And then comes the cherry on the top- the crashbreaker, where everything explodes in your sight. All this combined makes an evil, yet great experience.


There are many types of takedowns you can perform. You can make your opponent crash into a wall, you can keep bumping him from behind, and eventually, make him lose control and thus sweetly take care of your business, and let’s not forget the Aftertouch takedown. If you crash, while there are cars behind you, you can inch your crashed car to the road, where your opponents are approaching fast. You can only move it if your car has some sort of momentum going even after it crashed, for example, if it kept moving even after it crashed. If you can move it right, your car will be a sudden obstacle for your opponents, and they will crash into you. Though it’s hard to execute, and doesn’t always go according to your plan, it’s bloody sweet to see you dealing pain to your opponents even after you have crashed, or they have taken you down.

Online play is flawless in Burnout. It’s the one game in which I have experienced no lag, while playing with people from U.S.A. And if you are taken down by another player, he will be your burnout rival, so you will have a score to settle with him. It’s a nice touch, and adds to the whole “owning others” experience. You can also record 30-second clips of your crashes and post it online. The controls are simple, but more freedom could have been given to the camera movement. You can upload your clips and watch other’s. Since some of the crashes are really spectacular, being able to record them is a nice touch.


Burnout Revenge has a great soundtrack, with a variety of tracks, but they are mostly fast electronica. However, the music is mostly overshadowed by you burning rubber. The sound effects in Burnout Revenge are superb. Everything is heart-pounding realistic. The takedowns sound beautiful, and so does the nitrous boost.

In short, unless you are a die-hard Forza fan, and can’t accept anything else, you should buy this, pronto, and takedown anyone who tries to outrun you on your way.

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The Scorecard
Great sense of speed, traffic checking adds a layer of depth to taking your opponents down, flawless online play.
Excellent looking cars and environments, framerate mostly stable, but drops at a few places, takedowns looking spectacular.
Great soundtrack, but sounds from car crashes and nitrous boost steal the show.
Great multiplayer and lengthy single-player will keep you engaged for a long time.
Could have benefited more from a story.
An excellent addition to an already great franchise.


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