Top 8 most anticipated games of October 2010

By on October 6, 2010

This is THE release month, get your monies ready.

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Now that we’re well into the Fall rush of games, we thought it’s time to expand our Top 5 Games of the month article as that amount just won’t cut it anymore. Many of you have been saving up your money all year around, OK at least around Eid, for some (or all) of these games, so let’s find out where your money is going to go.

FIFA 11 (Xbox 360/ PS3/ PS2/ PSP/ Wii/ NDS/ iOS/ PC) – Out 1st October

Coming out on a cool 8 platforms, FIFA 11 this time around will feature the same next-gen engine on the PC as it does on the Xbox 360 and PS3, so PC players can finally use their powerful machines to push graphics that aren’t 6 years outdated already. For the PS3 & X360 versions, there’s an improved passing system along with a new Creation Center online program that allows users to create custom teams and kits and share it with friends. The Career mode has been streamlined and now you can play as the goalkeeper for the first time. Also, 11 vs 11 online multiplayer matches.

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  • @parthans

    Looking forward to the Star Wars game!! have to yet go through the others!! Liked playing the new SpiderMan – rather easy game play and very compelling graphics!!

  • @parthans

    I just saw the Medal of Honour entry – that is a fabulous game now!! Waiting!!!!

  • c45j

    should have just listed every game that comes out in october. there are so many, its ridiculous. also, you forgot Kirby. the fuck is wrong with you.

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