The Jaibreak Dilemma

By on September 28, 2010

Will the PlayStation 3 survive the Jailbreak crisis?

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It’s been a really good year for the PS3 so far — top title releases, soaring sales, release of the Move before the competition could release Kinect, the list goes on. The PS3 has also become a favourite of retailers and distributors in the region as it has, so far, been piracy free.

For retailers and distributors, it’s meant an opportunity to venture into territories such as Saudi Arabia where they can sell video games without hesitation. In the past, a lot of the Middle Eastern countries were seen as poor gaming markets as piracy was rampant and finally the PS3 was changing all that.

Top volumes of sales of original games also meant increased marketing budgets for the region and the ability to help the industry grow in this region with efforts such as GAMES 10 and the Saudi Gamers Day.

However, the PlayStation now faces a serious threat with the PS3 Jailbreak. It’s not unfamiliar territory for Sony – its PSP device has been plagued by piracy for many years. It seems now that Sony is finally in the same boat as Microsoft.

If the Jailbreak spreads, this will mean that console sales go up but original games sales go down, and this is bad news for everyone. It means that retailers will struggle to sell games, game developers will find the console less attractive to develop on and it will hinder the growth of games industry in the region in general.

It’s up to Sony now to act quickly and nip the jailbreak in the bud. Question is, can this crisis be contained? The next few months will tell.


Hitesh is a tech/games journalist and Business Development Manager for the Tbreak Network.

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