Blog: The release of Halo Reach in KSA – An insult to all the gamers in the country.

By on September 23, 2010

Bungie’s top title has been delayed in the region – what’s taking so long?

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My reaction is

For more than fifteen years now, one of the biggest video games chains in the country, Computer House, has been importing original games from the US to satisfy the needs of gamers in the country. As Computer House progressed with the process, big releases in the last few years have been arriving on release date or a few days after and sometimes before, in every store in the country. Small side stores were selling games like Halo ODST and God of War 3 days before it was released in the US and EU. It got so good for a while, that we were making fun of westerns over online forums showing off the latest games we got before them.

So what went wrong?

Due to the lack of information on my side, I cannot really point fingers or callout any company or name. But what is with the delay? Game shops such as Computer House and Eagle Software (2 of the biggest chains in the country) were able to import a few copies during Eid but that was it. The word I got is that they were not allowed to import the game because the publisher in the country will be releasing the game.

Oh really?! When exactly?

The sad thing however, that this happened with another big release a few months ago. Crackdown 2 to be specific, and again that is a big Microsoft game that failed to hit shelves 10 days after it was released in the US and EU. Even after 10 days I had to settle to buying the US version of the game.

Luckily today I ran into an executive from the publisher and he was as lost as the gamers in the country. He said today, maybe tomorrow, and than mentioned a problem with the games getting into the country.

For such a big release, that is not an excuse. The game has been in the black market for weeks now. If a couple of guys can hustle a few copies and sell them in the black market, I am sure a big publisher can do the same, no?

I say it is about time, the gamers in this country, that spend a big chunk of their hard earned money on games to get their products in a timely manner. If a gamer in the UAE can play Halo Reach 10 days before us, get it cheaper than us, than we defiantly have a problem here. While not trying to sound dramatic or anything, hearing that some people here are opting for the fake copy of the game, just to pass by time, is a mess the publisher has been fighting for years now.

Here is to the respect of the consumer in the region overall.


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