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2K Sports brings us the king of the court in basketball simulation.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

The controls in NBA 2K7, are great for the most part, but take some time getting used to, and are a bit uncomfortable at places, especially when you’re running a fast break. The game uses the isomotion controls, where you have to use the right trigger and left analog stick to perform crossovers, spin moves and so on. Shooting can be either done through the Right Analog Stick, or the X button. Using the right analog stick is supposed to give you more flexibility, as you can opt for a fadeaway shot, if you are using a small player, or you can attempt to go up strong, over your opponent, if you are using a big Center, or Power Forward.


However, imagine moving your left analog stick left and right, while holding down your right trigger, and then again, move your left stick towards the basket, and then move your right stick up or down. Tough, isn’t it? And this is all to just get a basket. So, using the X button is much more useful, and less painful, and you mostly get the basket with it. Play calls can be done on the fly, during the game, using the D-Pad. Using the D-Pad, you can also make substitutions, during free throws, or the end of a quarter. Thus, the controls are deep, but a little inflexible.

The in-game commentary is great. Kenny Smith, in particular, does a great job with his Stamp of Approval, where he shows who all were the main players in the half. However, the commentary does tend to get repetitive, especially in the last bits of each quarter, and so does Kenny’s Stamp of Approval. Overall, the commentary does a good job in adding life to the game. The music is good, and the crowd sounds are nice.


The graphics in NBA 2K7 is excellent. Player animations are realistic and are great to look at. Signature Style Shots is a nice, new addition to the game. It means that each player’s style of shooting the ball has been accurately represented. From Shawn Marion’s unique way of “throwing” the ball, to Yao Ming not jumping to shoot the ball, every important player’s shot has been emulated in NBA 2K7. Sweat effects are done well, if not a bit overdone. The player’s jerseys realistically move, but an ugly graphical glitch sometimes makes the player’s shorts, become, ahem, transparent. This makes the players whole bottom half become transparent, though this lasts for a second. There are some camera issues in NBA 2K7, like the camera going too close to one player during a fast break, and this leads you to just throw a pass, and this is usually picked by opposing players. Also, the camera angle changes during every free throw, and this makes your free throw harder than ever. Also, though all the popular and important NBA player’s faces, in NBA 2K7, look very detailed and are accurate representations of their real counterparts, most of the other players look ugly and contorted. Manu Ginobili, for example, looks like he has a bad stomach on one angle, and looks like a very fair alien on the other. So, apart from a few camera issues and some ugly NBA faces, the game does a great job on the graphics department.

All in all, though NBA 2K7 is not without its flaws, it goes without saying, though, that this game is head and shoulders better than NBA Live 07, which is the only other title you will find for a basketball simulation, and thus, is the game you should buy if you want a basketball simulation this year.

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The Scorecard
Great, accurate simulation of basketball, though fast breaks and free throws mess up part of the experience.
Realistic player animation, individualized player shots look good, but some camera issues, and some ugly graphical glitches.
Great commentary livens up the experience and songs sound good.
Large number of gameplay modes and online play gives good value for the game.
NBA 2K7 is a deep, yet fun game, and though it takes some time to get used to, is a great overall basketball experience.


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