[GAMES 10] Interview with Tim Stokes, Sony Gulf

By on September 19, 2010

Tim talks to us about GAMES 10 and the PlayStation Move.

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September is a significant month for PlayStation. In gaming terms, they’ve managed to pull off a great feat this month — that’s launching the PlayStation Move in the UAE before the rest of the world. Now, they’re at GAMES 10 showcasing their new motion control technology as well as one of the year’s most highly anticipated titles, Gran Turismo 5. We caught up with Tim Stokes, Marketing Director of Sony Gulf to talk to him about GAMES 10 and what his company has in store for us in the coming months.

The PlayStation Move Starter Pack is available now for Dhs269.

MEGamers.com: Tell us about GAMES 10.

The event is in its third year now and the concept originated three and a half years ago when we joined forces with Pluto, RED and Microsoft to organize this event. Instead of doing small events individually, the wanted to join forces to put together a much larger event. Initially, the idea was to hold a big media and trade preview show with a small consumer event. However, the interest in GAMES has grown so much that the consumer event has become much bigger.

The timing for this year’s event couldn’t be better as the PlayStation Move has just been launched and Gran Turismo 5 is set to release in Ocotber.

This event is perfect to showcase a platform like Move which really has to be demonstrated to people. For us, it’s much better to do an event like this where people can try the new games and technology for themselves than invest in billboard ads on Sheikh Zayed Road.

MEGamers.com: Tell us about the PlayStation Move

We’ve launched the PlayStation Move with three online and four disc-based first party titles. Those are all Move Required titles which means that you’ll need the PlayStation Move to play these games. The games include Sports Champion, EyePet and KungFu Rider on disc and four PSN titles including Echochrome II and Tumble.

There are also a number of “Move Featured” titles releasing which includes support for the PlayStation Move but doesn’t need you to own the device to play the game. These include Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Socom 4, Killzone 3 and Heavy Raid Move Edition.

The beauty of the Move is that it will appeal to both regular gamers with games like Killzone 3 as well as more social/family audience with games like Start The Party and Singstar Dance. The technology is highly evolved with great depths of accuracy with three axis of movement which means that when playing a game like table tennis, you can play slice, spin and smash shorts. You also get a great deal of accuracy in games like golf.

MEGamers.com: The Move launched in the UAE before the rest of the world. How did you manage to pull this off?

We were first to launch the Move on 9th September in the UAE, with Saudi, Qatar and Kuwait having launches the following week. Sony has been very flexible in allowing us to launch the Move in this region.

We’ve focused on a number of mall events and the feedback has been great. The Move Starter Pack is priced at Dhs269 which is roughly the price of a regular PlayStation game. Move Required games are also very affordable at Dhs129 to 159 each. You can also buy standalone controllers for Dhs169 each.

The extra controllers are great if you want to play Start the Party with four players or table tennis with two players. Games like Archery and The Fight make is of two controllers at once.

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