[GAMES 10] Interview with Nikos Maniatis, Electronic Arts

By on September 17, 2010

Talking about some of the top tier games from EA and the direction the industry is headed in.

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My reaction is

MEGWhen do you see the current console generation coming to an end?

NM: I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything. My feeling is that this generation needs to stay a bit longer

MEGIs this because of recession or because the full power of these consoles haven’t been tapped?

NM: Full power hasn’t been reached, Sony and Microsoft acted very smartly with Kinect on one side and Move on the other, so logically that should expand this generation for more years.

MEG: You have a separate stake, you want all platforms to be successful, but in terms of the future, where do you think most of your sales for the casual market will be.

NM: Difficult question, let me tell you why. 360 is really, really strong in the US and PS3 is coming up now, but PS3 is really strong in Europe and the rest of the world, so I cannot tell you which one will be the winner. Both will sell really well, so that we too can sell more stuff.

MEG: What is that one game that you are looking forward to?

NM: I am really looking forward to Star Wars, though it’s not coming out soon.

MEG: Is there any announcement of Mass Effect 1 coming to the PS3? Mass Effect 2 is coming out, any plans of a double pack on Bluray, since Mass Effect is a very story driven game?

NM: No, only Mass Effect 2 is being released on the PS3, though there might be some introductory video.         However, that’s my personal opinion.

MEG: What is your favorite game for this Fall season from EA Sports?

NM: Fifa ’11, because it’s the best ever. When Fifa 10 was launched and gone for reviews, our internal question was how are we going to have a better game than last year? And I am really proud of being part of EA Sports, they proved us wrong, they offered something better. What really excites me is Need For Speed.

MEG: I personally played Hot pursuit 2 when it came out in 2002, I didn’t play anything else except that back then. Glad they are getting out of the Underground series.

NM: EA people are proud about having Criterion as part of our family, so having them back to support us for Need For Speed was really huge for us.

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