[GAMES 10] Interview with Nikos Maniatis, Electronic Arts

By on September 17, 2010

Talking about some of the top tier games from EA and the direction the industry is headed in.

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There’s a lot of games to cover at GAMES ’10, and one of the biggest publishers in the industry is here with a large show of force. We catch up with Nikos Maniatis from Electronic Arts and talk a bit about some of his favourite games and where the industry might be headed with the new direction from Sony and Microsoft.

MEGamers: What is the key improvement in terms of publishers’ support for Games10, especially for this region?

Nikos Maniatas – I think the first party publisher support like Sony and Microsoft’s presence in the market is really good so that’s great. My company is presenting games that haven’t been launched yet, and for the consumer that’s very important.

MEG: What are the games you are showing here?

NM: We are showing Fifa ’10, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Medal of Honor, and EA Sports Active 2.0.

MEG: Some of these games have hardcore marketing push behind them being franchise brands, but what about a different marketing push behind EA Sports Active 2?

NM – There is going to be a lot of support on the regional level because this is where consumers will be able to try and see if it fits them and eventually buy the game. So on retail level there are going to be a lot of pod demonstrations giving the consumers the ability to try out the game. I think that’s a very good offer and a very good opportunity because if we recall last year’s EA sports Active was the best fitness game and having it on all consoles is going to be very good for all consumers.

MEG: With Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move coming in, has it affected your outlook on the casual market?

NM: My personal opinion is that our company is taking the right steps, we are not having all our games compatible with Kinect and Move, we have ones that fit better , for example we have EA Sports Active 2.0 tailored to Kinect and Move. There are going to be more announcements in the future for other games but I think the company is taking the correct steps; they are just waiting to see how consumers are going to accept this technology.

MEG: What is your personal opinion on where the casual market’s future lies more with in terms of each of the three platforms? Where do you think the public will sort of lean towards?

NM: Each publisher is offering something different to the consumers, so there is a big chance for the first time that they may have all the consoles succeeding, Play Station 3 with the 3D and the Move, they are down the right track, and Microsoft with the Kinect is on the right track as well, and Nintendo with the 3DS they are offering with the next handheld, that’s something very exciting to see as well.

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