[GAMES 10] Interview with Mike Perry, MENA PR Manager, Ubisoft

By on September 17, 2010

We discuss the growth of GAMES and how Kinect and Move will affect Ubisoft.

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We catch up with Ubisoft’s Mike Perry, Marketing & PR Manager Emerging Markets, and talk a little about GAMES ’10 and how Ubisoft perceives the new motion control tech.

MEGamers: What is Ubisoft showcasing at GAMES ’10?

Mike Perry – First of all we’ve got the Assassins (Creed: Brotherhood) multiplayer, Shawn White Skateboarding, Your Shape Fitness on the Kinect stand, Racquet Sorts on the Move stand and R.U.S.E. that came out recently.

MEG: What sort of changes have you noticed from GAMES ’09 to this year, especially from publishers?

MP: Oh it’s a huge difference, I mean I’ve been coming to GAMES since back in 2007, when it wasn’t even a consumer show, so I’ve seen it grow massively from where it began in a hotel (Grand Hyatt in 2008) to last year (Dubai Festival City) and then this year it’s grown even more. Our distributors here like Microsoft and Sony, locally they learn new things every year and we do as much as we can. Obviously we have certain restrictions as to what we can and cannot show and we have to worry about things like that, but it’s been great so far and hopefully next year we continue to do so.

MEG: Between Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move, what new motion technology are you more excited about?

MP: Ubisoft’s always been there to support the latest hardware, and for the Wii’s launch we had to most 3rd party titles available. So for Kinect we have Your Shape Fitness which was closely developed with Microsoft, and for Move we’ve got a lot of different titles as well. Me, personally, I haven’t gotten a chance to play as much as I’d like to, I’m still waiting to see what more is to come, and how the whole sitting at home and controlling movies with your voice and your hand is going to work out.  I’m a fan of buttons, so I like the idea of Move, something to hold. But then I don’t really want it to be just the same as Wii, so hopefully it’s going to be better. I think there needs to be a good six months of development of games at least, to get the best out of it. And sometimes I personally think it’s a bit scary when people start making add-ons to consoles since it has gone badly in the past like the 32X, but hopefully it will work here.

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