Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars

By on June 1, 2007

A fine job from EA.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

The highly successful Command and Conquer series has made its debut on the XBOX 360, and what a debut it is!

 The story is basically like this: It’s in the future, and a resource called Tiberium is polluting the environment. However, this Tiberium can be used as a resource, and this has spun off a war between Kane, the leader of the Brotherhood of Nod, the GDI, and a new race called the Scrin, which you will get to see and play only later in the game. The story is narrated in the old-school Command and Conquer ways, with lots of full-motion video sequences telling you your mission. This may sound cheesy and it is, but it brings back a feeling of nostalgia for players like me, who have played and loved the old C&C Tiberium Sun.

The controls for the XBOX 360 may take some time getting used to, but after that, you’ll feel right at home with the game. The game’s controls are similar to that of Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II, with a few tweaks in selection of units etc.

The game features 2 campaigns at first: the GDI and the Nod, which will take a good 10 hours to finish, and after that, you get to play as the Scrin, which totally rocks, and after this, you get some bonus missions which are real fun to play, and this is just the single-player mode. There is a multiplayer mode, with lots of different types of battles you can play, and hopefully, once you have owned your opponents ( or if they’ve owned you…) you can humiliate them by making your ugly face even uglier and laughing at them, all through the goodness of the Xbox Live Vision Camera. And don’t forget the achievements. So, 2 big thumbs up for the replay value.

The game’s 3 factions are vastly diverse. The GDI are the heavy-duty combatants, who excel in long battles due to their heavy armor. The Nod are the sly, creepy ones, who, while fighting a battle, will slip some of their units right into the base, with their stealth, and cripple your base and your economy. The Scrin, well, they are the Alien race, and even the lowest units in their hierarchy look pretty impressive, and the greatest fun from the game, is when you can play as the Scrin.

Tiberium Wars, like the previous Command and Conquer entrant- Generals, is a rush-and-attack game, and while you can go slow, and build up your defenses, you need to be really skilled in that, as the game is optimized for a game to be for about 15-20 minutes.

There a vast number of units present in the game, and though some of them have been borrowed form Generals, the majorities are different. Again, the units are vastly diverse between factions, and you’ll have a ton of fun trying to figure out the best counter-unit for one of your opponent’s unit.

If you have a great PC and an XBOX 360, you’d best be going for the PC one. This is mainly due to the framerate problems in the XBOX 360 versions. I would have thought that EA would have fixed that up, as the framerate in Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II, was quite abysmal during the big battles. They have tweaked it, however, but that does not rule out that framerate drops many notches below during battles. It is very frustrating to see your infantry move at a snail’s pace to a building, when under heavy fire. If they could have given us the option to maybe lower some of the graphical settings in the game, this would not have occurred. This is not to say that the game looks bad, though. The units and structures look very detailed, and the explosions are a treat to the eye. The structures look very varied from faction to faction, and the Scrin buildings look really good. It seems as if EA has taken a page out of its Def Jam: Icon game and made a few of the colors, the fire especially, a mixture of yellow and black and the result is spectacular. Somehow, the colors in the XBOX 360 version look washed out, in comparison to the PC version, but this is not really a major issue.

Audio-wise, the game does a superb job. The voice acting is top-notch, and the background music is good. The explosions sound devastatingly good, and there is nothing much better to hear, than your battleships fire a huge missile all the way across the map, and the KABOOM! it makes.

EA has done a fine job of making a Command and Conquer game for the XBOX 360. This game is not a port of the PC game, and I think that this is the beginning of a whole new Command and Conquer series for the XBOX 360.

The Scorecard
Great, fun RTS game that is accessible due to its innovative controls that work just perfect.
Sort of a letdown, when compared to PC version. Washed-out colors and bad framerate. However, units and structures look excellent.
Great voice-acting, and beautiful explosions and sound-effects.
Long single-player storyline will keep you engaged, and the multiplayer mode is great.
A great decision to return back to the roots of Command and Conquer.
EA have messed up a bit on the graphics department, yet this is a fine game and is a must-buy for all RTS fans who have an XBOX 360.


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