Kinect official UAE launch date & pricing

By on September 5, 2010

Microsoft’s controller-free motion sensor to launch in November with 15 titles.

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At the official Middle East unveiling event today, Microsoft announced the final launch date and pricing for its upcoming motion sensing camera Kinect.

Kinect will launch in the UAE on November 10th with 15 titles available at launch. Kinect will be available separately and also as a part of different set of SKUs, bullet-pointed below:

- Kinect sensor with Kinect Adventures for AED 699.
- Xbox 360 4GB Kinect + Kinect Adventures for AED 1,399
- Xbox 360 250GB  Kinect + Kinect Adventures for AEd1,650

Microsoft says retailers will soon begin taking pre-orders for the Xbox 360 Kinect console bundle and the Kinect for Xbox in a few weeks’ time. Kinect games, such as “Kinectimals,” “Kinect Sports” and “Kinect Joy Ride,” will retail at a price of AED 199 (ERP).

The vanilla 4GB and 250GB SKU will also be available for AED 899 and AED 1,150 respectively.

Our coverage for the launch event will be up shortly with hands-on impressions on a number of games, plus a groovy number by our very own Nicholas Rego. Keep tuned!


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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  • mojo

    Sweet…can't wait!

  • Fletch-

    Me too, I can't wait. LOL JK it will fail :P

  • McD419

    where would it be sold for this price ??

    • Mufaddal Fakhruddin

      It will be sold in all major retailers: Carrefour, SharafDG, Geekay Games, etc. In fact, Geekay Games is currently taking pre-orders if i am not wrong.

      • McD419

        actually when i went to geekay and asked about the xbox slim the guy told me it was for 1600 drhms and i find it kind of hard to believe that teh kinetic bundle will be for 1650

        • McD419

          and another smart thing would be to buy the elite when this bundle comes out which would be for around 700 and get the 700 kinetic and u got some money left over to buy a game

          • Rocker

            Yes i did that.I pre- ordered kinect from geekay games after which they give you a dvd case as proof.And i bought the xbox elite.But i have a question i am not on xbox live, so can i upgrade the xbox interface with the kinect adventures game that i get free?

        • Jomo

          Xbox 360 250 GB and the Xbox 360 4GB will be at the same price points of the Elite and Arcade, i.e. AED 1150 and AED 899. This has been officially confirmed by Microsoft.

  • Shiva Yogeswaren

    I might get this :D

  • Abdul Basit

    Does anyone know what version xbox'es ship to the UAE? Are they PAL, or an NTSC type?

    • jomo


      • Abdul Basit

        Do you know what comes in the United States? I heard there are two NTSC types.

        • Mufaddal Fakhruddin

          Three, if i am not wrong. NTSC-U, NTSC-C and NTSC-J – USA, Canada and Japan. In the US of course you will get NTSC-U.

          • Abdul Basit

            So are the games also divided like that. NTSC-U/C/J? If I purchase from the US will I have to get ONLY NTSC U games or will any NTSC game work?

          • Mufaddal Fakhruddin

            Yes, games are divided like that…and so are the consoles. A NTSC-U only game will work on a NTSC-U console only. A PAL only game will work on a PAL system only. Lately, many games are 'region free', meaning a PAL originated game will work on any console, same for NTSC-U/C/J.

  • KaL

    Awful pricing as usual

  • khaled

    excuse me but does anyone know whether it will be released to saudi arabia and do you guys have any idea when please reply

  • Kuu

    i played it… n its jus awsum… WORTH A TRY!!!!

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  • dark shadow 5567

    i talked to them right now they ar not sure but he said maximum 3 weeks but it could come after 1 week hope it comes this week

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