Rumor: Wii 2 coming soon, with Blu-ray drive

By on August 15, 2010

Nintendo might release their HD-upgraded Wii this year.

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The Wii HD rumors have once again kick started with reports flying in of a Wii 2 console which will sport 1080p resolution, a Blu-ray drive and all the jazz of an ‘next-generation’ gaming system.

Gaming website Maxconsole has got hold of some secret information, allegedly leaked by an Nintendo France marketing employee, that suggests that Wii may soon go the HD route. How soon, you ask? This year soon.

Here are the leaked details in neat bullet points (thanks, Techradar):

  • The Wii2 system will feature a Blu-Ray drive with a secondary aim of stopping piracy
  • 1080P and lower resolutions will be supported, for Blu-ray movies and games
  • The release date is scheduled for third quarter of 2010
  • The release will be worldwide and on the same day for all countries
  • A scheme will be available in which it is possible to trade in the original Wii for a cheaper price on the new Wii 2
  • More.


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