Toy Story 3 Review

By on July 19, 2010

It may not be the game you would want to get caught playing in public, but in a good way!

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First Impressions
My reaction is

We were all left disappointed one way or another by movie turned videogames over the past few years. How many times did one of us pickup a game just because the movie was such a blast only last weekend, only to regret every penny we paid for the so called “game”? The issues in the genre range from lacking graphics to the fact that the developers are usually given very short time to finish the game and release it in time with the movie. Another problem with movie-to-videogame adaptations is how blindly the game follows the flick. You will spend 5 hours finishing scenes from the movie without any goals, targets and most importantly, without having a tiny bit of fun! The Toy Story series for us is the best thing since the Walkman (That is old school for you right there) and so a ton of anticipation surrounds every and any thing released under that name. Luckily for us, the game itself does not disappoint.

Firing up the game I was greeted right away with familiar faces, characters, scenes and voices. Which I considered to be a pretty good start, after all some games in this genre even fail at doing that. Scenes from the movie were all over the place, but I was not disappointed, but rather glad to see the creativity the developers put into this part of the game. As you progress through the story mode you will enjoy scenes and lines from the movie were you work on solving the problem or escaping what ever you are trying to escape. Nothing too complicated here. Young gamers will enjoy every last drip of the story, while older gamers can actually relive the movie and their own childhood with ease.

After completing the story mode, you will probably be left a bit disappointed. This is Toy Story 3 at the end of the day but you did not live the experience to the max yet. Here is where the developers stepped up big time with the license they had on hand. What do kids do with toys? They create an environment using each toy and live a fantasy filled world. This is exactly what young fans of the series will be doing in the Toy Box mode. This is an open Toy Story mode where you are in control of a town with all the toys you have seen in the movie living happily, each in its own little world. Each character will have its own environment and set of missions and goals for you to enjoy and complete.

With the Gameplay taken care of to a certain extent, all the game needed now is good graphics to match those stunning visuals we saw in the movie. Luckily for the fans of the series, the game does that as well. The characters all look lively and are very well animated. You will actually enjoy watching every move and act done by the characters in the game. In addition to the good graphics, the game comes with some very well done sound effects and voice acting. For sometime I actually forgot I was playing a game and was sucked into this simple world of Toy Story, only to wake up to my dog chewing on my pants.

Nothing too complicated here, Toy Story 3 is actually a perfect complement to the movie in theaters right now. It might not match the level of excitement or creativity found in the movie it self, but the fact that the developers did use everything they had on hand and made sure the game is more Toy Story then anything else, is good enough for us. Older gamers might find the game too simple to warrant a purchase or to be seen playing in public. I used the excuse of teaching my nephew how to play videogames, come up with your own excuses people. Quick!

The Scorecard
Simple and fast, just the way it should be.
A job well done, as we expected the worse since the movie is so gorgeous.
Funky sound effects and a very well done voice acting job.
Story mode is too simple and short, toy box mode is very interesting though.
This is Toy Story and fun, what more do you want?
We are glad we can finally play a game Toy Story game; now all we have to do is wait for Toy Story 4. The move and the game.


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  • meshalalharbi

    You didn't mention any thing about the game being launched in Arabic. It's the big news man !!!!!

    • Mufaddal Fakhruddin

      We will have something about that shortly. Keep tuned :p

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