Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Review

By on July 13, 2010

Tactical. Espionage. Fun.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Metal Gear Solid. The name that makes gamers go into a frenzy.

So when it was announced that MGS: Peacewalker would be coming to the PSP, it generated mixed feelings among gamers on whether it would do justice to the series.

The game is set shortly after the events of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater in the 1970s.

We play as Big Boss against the backdrop of the Cold War in Costa Rica, where Snake and the Militaires Sans Frontieres are ‘hired’ to bring peace to this country with no military of its own. The story is very well written so that you get immersed into it, complete with amazing animated graphic-novel type interactive cut-scenes complete with jokes and melodrama.

Stealth is once again the main focus of the gameplay. This game requires patience and strategy to beat. Other than some forced combat scenes and Boss Battles we have to creep forward stealthily throughout the game without attracting attention using the available gadgets which include Sonar Vision and Nude Magazines(Ahem!).Backing against the wall, peeping around corners and planning your next move are just some of the many ways of progressing through the game. Auto-Aim, a boon for the PSP can be toggled using the ‘Select’ Button. The only absolutely  frustrating thing about the gameplay is that although it maintains its fluidity, while browsing through the weapons Snake is glued to the ground since the game doesn’t pause. So if you’re locked in Combat with an Enemy and need to change your weapon, there’s a high probability of getting shot.

This game also features the System Data Installation similar to the PS3. Comes in 2 types:-300 MB for the space conscious and 860 MB for those with loads of space. I played with both types of installations and did not see a significant difference. (Note: – Installation Is Compulsory)

Another thing which I found highly frustrating is the ‘Soldier Recruitment’ borrowed from Portable Ops where you can recruit fallen soldiers using a portable Parachute retrieval system and transport them to your base. Though in itself the feature is quite good and saves you time, what makes it frustrating is that you have to regularly feed them, take care of their health, etc. like a Nanny. For this you’ll have to employ Medics, Engineers, Cooks, etc. otherwise your Team members will start deserting you. So while there are minor annoyances, the gameplay is quite good.

This game has one of the best graphics on the PSP till date .The environment although well created, may at certain points give you a feeling of “Deja-Vu” when you see the same trees again and again and again. The game also has the kind that effect, as used in God Of War 3 where objects in the background keep on moving. Here there are Boss Fights where in the background a ‘Metal Gear’ sways as though dancing and adds a touch of quality to the graphics of the game. Interactive cut-scenes also add to the ‘Wow Factor’.

As always, Metal Gear Solid has a mix of varied tracks including trance, techno, pop, etc. Voice-Acting is top-notch, explosions and gun-fire sound very realistic except for certain scenes. Environmental sounds such as birds twittering, leaves rustling, etc. are also a welcome addition.

The single-player campaign is about 20-25 hours long for the average player. Although there is no ‘level’ of difficulty the single-player mode is quite challenging. Multiplayer Co-Op is fun to play, and there are numerous Extra-Ops and Outer-Ops (Passive Missions, not actually played) missions to play after the completing the main storyline.

There are many things to collect such as weapon upgrades, better soldiers, etc. Even if you are not interested in these things the single-player itself is quite satisfying.

In short, Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker is an ambitious game for the PSP that delivers with great sound, graphics and gameplay. It will definitely appease to those Metal Gear Solid fans, even dormant ones with its slick storyline, cut-scenes complete with annoying clichés. Go buy it, you won’t be disappointed

The Scorecard
Metal Gear Solid can never go wrong with the gameplay. Many different ways of advancing through a certain level.
Very beautifully done for a game on the go.
A good score, top-notch voice acting and realistic environmental sounds.
30 Hours of gameplay at the max. +1 for DLC.
Trying to fiddle your thumbs while walking down the street. My exact definition of fun.
A game that delivers. Pushes the PSP system to the max.


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  • S. Dino

    5 hours in, and I have to say this game is brilliant.

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