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Terms and Conditions

  1. All members of the public may participate in the LG Cinema 3D Gaming championship.
  2. Participants are expected to register before the event on the Event website.
  3. Participants must be at least 12 years of age.
  4. Pre-Registration will be done by order of arrival and participants are entitled to select the date of the knock out round.
  5. Pre-Registration will be closed earlier than the day of the Event as per the number of participants.
  6. All Participants must bring their ID as a proof of Pre-Registration.
  7. Individuals are allowed to participate in both games, however individuals qualifying for the final round are not allowed to participate in secondary knock out rounds multiple times.
  8. After you have registered successfully, an LG official will contact you two days prior to the event date to confirm your participation. If you are unreachable during this period, LG officials retain the right to select someone on the waiting list to participate instead.

Terms & Confirmation
  1. No coaching allowed(for example, people in the audience may not advise a Player while playing).
  2. No memory cards or saved games are permitted.
  3. Players are prohibited from wearing headsets and may not listen to any music during match.
  4. It is the responsibility of all players to be familiar with the controller's functions and mode of operation. If a controller is defective, a Player can pause the game and notify the referee. The referee will determine the controller status in making such a decision. If a Player plays with a defective controller, all results are nevertheless valid. Unnecessary pauses or delays are prohibited.
  5. Any action designed to disrupt the opposing Player's view of the screen or ability to select game functions is prohibited.
  6. Each game will begin at its designated time, and as designated on site at the tournament.
  7. Players not present at the designated start time for any match will be disqualified and other players registered onsite will be given a chance to play with their opponents. Players are encouraged to be in the designated play area 20-minutes prior to game time.
  8. Players will be shown their designated station, shall set up the game and immediately begin to play. Each Player will have 3 minutes to configure controls.
  9. Custom packages cannot be used, nor can anything else that is not available in the in-game pause menu.
  10. LG Staff reserves the right to forfeit the Match should participants not present themselves at the sampling unit after their name is called, regardless of any mitigating circumstances.
  11. Players shall raise their hands at the end of the game so a referee can record their score. Only scores reported to the referee are official.
  12. No replays or game interruptions are permitted. If a game is interrupted intentionally by any Player, which Player will immediately be disqualified.
  13. Referees will be on site to monitor all game play. Referees will begin the game, and will record scores for each game.
  14. The decision of a referee is final and binding.
  15. Final round Participants must wear T-Shirts or vest provided by LG Cinema 3D Gaming championship Officials. Failure to do so shall result in disqualification for the finals.
  16. Players must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, maintaining a friendly and polite demeanor to spectators, LG Cinema 3D Gaming Championship officials, and to other Players.
  17. Players will refrain from using vulgar or offensive language and abusive behavior, including harassment and threats.
  18. Any person that breaks/damages any equipment is responsible for replacing that item
  19. Any action that interferes with the play time of a game is prohibited.
  20. Gambling, including betting on the outcome of games is prohibited.

  1. All Players must be available for any post-tournament awards ceremonies and interviews.
  2. I.D will be required to claim any prize.
  3. Prize will be provided by LG Cinema 3D Gaming Championship Officials on designated date.

LG Cinema 3D Gaming Championship Officials reserves all right.

2012 LG 3D Gaming Championship is an LG Gulf event.