Thursday, 28th March 2013, Make Business Hub, Dubai

GeekFest Dubai 2013- YouTube Edition

Unorganized by Tbreak

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Geek Art

Brandon Fernandes
Brandon is a Dubai-based illustrator who enjoys drawing as much as possible. He's also a seasoned gamer and enjoys playing League of Legends or CS:GO in his free time. He can often be found at various art exhibitions or at an art supply store geeking out about art. He is currently developing an action comic book and will be participating in MEFCC 2013. You can view samples of his work here (

Faisal Khatib
Faisal is a UAE-based photographer who carries his camera everywhere he goes, even if he isn't shooting for a client. For someone holding a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy and Finance, one would think he would go for banking. Instead, he captures moments in digital frames.

Musfir Taufiq
Musfir Taufiq hailing from Saudi Arabia has a keen eye for urban life. He has been capturing life in stills for the past 3 years and is an automobile afficiando. He is a sucker for the Merc G-Class. His instrument of perception is a Canon EOS-550D. You can check out his work on

Sheban Naim
Sheban's been an active "hobbyist" Photographer for the last 4 years and mostly does high-contrast black and white photography. He works with a humble Canon EOS-500D, with a modest selection of of lenses. He believes that there's a lot more to the art of imaging than just having expensive glass (although, that really helps!) - what matters most is persistence towards your craft and being at the right place - at the right time. You can view more of his work on

Shruti Jagdeesh
A degree in Commerce and a stint in Public Relations convinced Shruti that the Business Environment was not for her. The path she chose was to convert her 3 year hobby in photography into a career. One and a half years at Light and Life Academy and two years of assisting one of India's leading Architect/Interior & food photographer Jaideep Oberoi, has given her the necessary skills and the confidence. Currently, a staff photographer at ITP Publications she strives to capture the moment of perfection, savoring the ordinary but still honoring the ideal.