7pm onwards, Thursday, 28th March 2013, Make Business Hub, Dubai

GeekFest Dubai 2013- YouTube Edition

Unorganized by Tbreak

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What's a Geekfest?

Geekfest is an offline gathering of online socializers.

The event has become a forum for tweeps, bloggers, media, digital entreprenuers, marketeers and people with a general interest in the digital world.

There are no rules, registration, requirements or regulations beyond that you turn up when you want and leave when you want. In between, you sort of get to do what you want.

We typically help a number of things to happen in between people turning up and people leaving, which stops them getting too bored. These include GeekTalks, TechnoCases and GameFest. We also try and have some element of digital art present and like to throw in a degree of yummy catering.

This edition of GeekFest will be themed around YouTube and will feature prominent YouTube artists from the UAE who will speak about their experience and how they got started.

GeekFest will be held on Thursday, 28th March 2013 at Make Business Hub in Dubai.