Counter Strike: Global Offensive Tournament

After pro-longed absence from our tournaments, we kind of started missing it. So, we are bringing the Counter Strike tournament back, and with the latest version, Global Offensive. Below are the rules for the tournament:

Players: 3v3
Team Limit: 16

- Arms Race – Shoots
- Everything at Default

Quarter Finals:
- Arms Race – Baggage
- Everything at Default

Semi Finals:
- Classic Casual – Aztec
- Best of 3
- Starting money $10,000

- Classic Casual – De Dust 2
- Best of 5
- Starting money $10,000

Additional Rules:
- Custom hardware will not be allowed.
- The tournament will be played on Alienware M18x Laptop
- A high-end Steelseries mouse will be provided
- No warm-up matches
- Tournament starts at sharp 7pm. Teams MUST be ready 15mins before
- Teams that comes late WILL be disqualified 
- Request to show or change the tournament ladder is not allowed.